Does AMPM Take Apple Pay?

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Apple Pay is a new way of paying for things with your iPhone. It’s secure and easy to use, but only certain stores accept it. Does AMPM take Apple Pay?

Yes, AMPM takes Apple Pay. When you’re checking our in AMPM, simply pay with Touch ID or Face ID and show your phone to the cashier.

If you’re an AMPM customer, then Apple Pay is your new best friend.

With the latest update for iOS 11, Apple added 800 more banks to its list of compatible institutions so you can use it with an even greater variety of retailers.

One of the most recent additions on the list has been convenience store chain AMPM with over 3,500 locations throughout 34 states across America.

If you’re using Apple Pay, there’s no need to worry about carrying your wallet with you. When it comes time for checkout at AMPM, simply pay via Touch ID or Face ID and show the cashier your phone if they have any questions.

It is that easy!

You don’t even need to swipe a credit card when paying in store because all of this information will be stored securely on your device.

Plus, many members enjoy exclusive discounts when they use Apple Pay as their payment method- so what are you waiting for?