Does Apple Take Paypal?

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Paypal is a popular option for people to use as a form of payment. In this blog post, we will be exploring the topic of whether or not Apple accepts Paypal as a form of payment on their website.

Does Apple Take Paypal? Yes, Apple does take Paypal. If you’re buying online on the Apple Store, look for the ‘PayPal’ button at checkout. You can enter your PayPal account details or use a credit card if you don’t currently have funds in your account.


Apple provides a number of alternatives for payment, such as credit card and gift cards, but they DO accept PayPal payments.

We all know Apple is a pretty amazing company with some really cool products.

But did you also know that they take Paypal?

If you’re buying from the Apple Store, look for the “PayPal” button at checkout! You can save time and money by avoiding those pesky credit card fees.

So what are you waiting for?

Go check it out now!