Does Bank Of America Take Venmo?

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Many people use Venmo to send money to their friends, but what about when you need to pay back the bank? Does Bank Of America Take Venmo?

Yes, Bank of America takes Venmo. You can make a money transfer in person or bank transfer the funds electronically to the account number listed on Venmo.

Bank of America

Venmo is an awesome app that links your debit card and bank account information so you can make transfers between other Venmo users, banks, friends and family quickly and conveniently.

The cool thing is that it works on both iPhone/iPad devices as well as Android products.

Mobile payments are becoming more popular because they are convenient for everyone involved…not just the one who made or received payment!

It seems like everyone is taking Venmo these days.

The app has grown exponentially in popularity due to its convenience and ease of use, but there are still some people who don’t know if Bank of America takes Venmo or not.

We’ll go ahead and answer that question for you-yes they do!

You just need to register your card with the app before making any purchases, which only take a few minutes.