Does Denny’s Take Apple Pay?

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Denny’s is a restaurant chain that has been around since 1953. They are known for their breakfast, lunch and dinner items at affordable prices. With so many people using Apple Pay to make purchases these days, I wanted to see if Denny’s takes it too!

Does Denny’s Take Apple Pay? Yes, Denny’s does take apple pay. You can also use the app to order ahead, pay with Apple Pay and then walk into the restaurant and pick up your food at the counter.


Apple Pay is an easy way to make a purchase from your phone. It allows you to pay for purchases without having to swipe a credit card.

If you’d like, it’s possible that you can use Apple Pay at your local Denny’s restaurant—Apple Pay works with participating stores and restaurants where iPhones are welcome.

Let’s hope it gets integrated across the board soon!

The next time you’re looking for a place to stop and grab some breakfast, don’t forget that Denny’s takes Apple Pay!

Denny’s is one of the many major retailers to accept Apple Pay. They also have a system for customers who want to pay with cash or credit card, so there are no worries about not being able to make a purchase because you don’t have an iPhone.

Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner after 12pm, late night dining from 10-12am on Friday and Saturday nights, or anytime brunch is served at your local Denny’s restaurant – they’ve got something that will satisfy any craving!

Check out their menu and visit them soon.