Does Forever 21 Take Apple Pay?

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In today’s world, it is almost impossible to go anywhere without using a card or phone. Whether you’re buying groceries at the store or just grabbing coffee with a friend, most people use their cards and phones instead of cash. Apple Pay has been around for years now but there are still some stores that do not accept this form of payment yet. So what about Forever 21? Does Forever 21 take Apple Pay? Keep reading to find out.

Does Forever 21 Take Apple Pay? Yes, Forever 21 takes Apple Pay.

They started accepting all forms of mobile payments several years ago, and it helps speed up the checkout process while cutting out some of the paper work that used to be required.

You can make a payment using your Apple Pay-enabled iPhone or Apple Watch at the checkout counter of Forever 21 and receive an instant purchase confirmation and send an email receipt to yourself if you wish.

The answer is yes. Forever 21 takes Apple Pay. The future of cashless transactions is here and it’s not going anywhere. If you’re looking to shop with your phone but don’t want to use a card, stop by any one of their locations near you!