Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay?

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If you’ve ever been in the market for a used piece of clothing or furniture, you’ve probably perused your local Goodwill. But what if you want to use your Apple Pay mobile payment system instead of cash or a debit card? Can you pay at Goodwill with Apple Pay? The answer might surprise you! Keep reading to find out more.

Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay? No, Goodwill does not take Apple Pay.


However, they do accept other forms of payment including cash, check, and credit card. So if you’re looking to donate your old Apple products to charity, Goodwill is a great option.

They’ll make sure the products are recycled or sold to help support their mission of providing job training and employment opportunities for people in need.

To conclude, Goodwill does not currently take Apple Pay. We hope this article on paying with Apple Pay at Goodwill was helpful in understanding how those two methods compare. Does anyone else have any insight on using Apple Pay at the store? Let us know below!