Does Nordstrom Rack Take Apple Pay?

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For those who don’t know, Apple Pay is an application that allows you to pay for purchases at some stores without using cash or credit cards. It’s like magic and it’s fast and convenient! Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find high-end designer brands for less, but does that mean you can use Apple Pay? Keep on reading below to find out…

Does Nordstrom Rack Take Apple Pay? Yes, Nordstrom Rack takes Apple Pay.

As of this writing, the payment app is accepted in all locations nationwide, so that the customers can get the shopping experience they want without worrying about which form of payment is accepted in-store.

You can even pay with your Apple Watch at mobile checkout. Simply link your credit or debit card to Apple Pay on iPhone, then log into the mobile shopping section on or to start an order with Apple pay at checkout!

Nordstrom Rack’s goal is to make it easy-and not too expensive for customers to shop in their stores by offering several small features like free shipping for online orders or store pickup that help lessen the burden on budgeted shoppers. And Apple Pay plays an important part in this strategy! You can now reach your cart total faster when purchasing Nordstrom Rack with Apple Watch!

Apple Pay is a great way to pay for your purchases and we’re excited that Nordstrom Rack is accepting it. Now you’ll never have to worry about having cash or cards on hand when shopping at this store and you can enjoy a fast and secure checkout process!