Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new and interesting ways to pay for your food. I mean, who wants to carry around a bunch of cash or cards when they could just use their phone? That’s why I was so excited when Apple Pay came out – it’s the perfect way to pay without having to worry about anything. But can Apple Pay be used at panera? Let’s find out!

Does Panera Take Apple Pay? Yes, Panera takes Apple Pay.

In fact, they’re one of the many restaurants that have partnered with Apple to accept their mobile payment system.

It’s a really convenient way to pay for your meal, and it’s also secure because your credit card information is encrypted and stored on your device. So there’s no need to worry about someone stealing your card number or anything like that.

The transactions go through quickly and you don’t have to worry about any added fees.

To conclude, you can indeed use Apple Pay at Panera! I’m so excited to be able to get my favorite panini without having to worry about carrying cash. If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend giving it a shot!