Does Robinhood Take PayPal?

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Robinhood is an investment platform for millennials. Its free trades and no account minimums are appealing to anyone who wants to start investing with little money. Now, this sounds like it would be great for the average person looking to make some extra cash – but there’s one common questions about Robinhood that most people ask themselves : does Robinhood take PayPal? We’ll explore this question below so keep reading!

Does Robinhood Take PayPal? No, Robinhood does not take PayPal.

If you want to fund your account using Paypal, then we’ve got good news and bad news. First the bad news: You can’t use PayPal.  

Now let’s focus on the good stuff! The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to fund your account with Robin Hood, including an ACH transfer from your bank or a wire transfer from your bank. It takes about 3 business days for funds to clear.

In conclusion, the answer is no, Robinhood does not currently accept PayPal. If you are interested in investing with them and want to use your PayPal balance with them, you’ll need to add funds by linking your bank or credit card first (or using one of their other accepted methods) before completing any transactions on the site!