Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

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Do you love Subway sandwiches? What about Apple Pay? If you answered yes to both questions, then today’s post is for you! I’ll be answering the question of whether or not Subway accepts Apple Pay. Keep reading to find out!

Does Subway Take Apple Pay? Yes, Subway takes Apple Pay.


In fact, as of July 2017, Subway is the largest merchant in the world to accept Apple Pay.

So whether you’re looking to grab a quick sandwich for lunch or dinner, Apple Pay is a great way to pay for your meal.

Simply hold your iPhone near the contactless reader and authorize the payment with your fingerprint or face ID. It’s that easy!

With Apple Pay, your payment information is encrypted and stored on your device, so no one else can see it. And if you lose your phone, you can just use your iCloud password to erase all your payment information.

And there you have it. Subway does accept Apple Pay. So if you’re ever out and about and want to grab a quick bite to eat, be sure to use Apple Pay at Subway! They’ll be happy to take your payment quickly and easily.