Does Supreme Take PayPal?

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Supreme is a streetwear brand that has taken the fashion industry by storm. The items are unique and can only be purchased through their online store or in New York City. However, many people have wondered, does Supreme take PayPal as a payment method? If you’re wondering this too, then read on to find out!

Does Supreme Take Paypal? Yes, Supreme takes PayPal.

You can purchase an order using your PayPal account by clicking the “Pay with Paypal” button located on the payment panel on the Supreme site.

Supreme understands that sometimes you may not have a credit card, so they offer other forms of payments, including cash and bank transfers for purchases up to $2000! For any amount higher than $2000 there are additional restrictions which you can read about at their website.

So the answer is yes, Supreme does accept PayPal as a mean of payment – but be sure not to wait too long because once something sells out there will be no more inventory for that item again until next season.