Does Tropical Smoothie Take Apple Pay?

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Apple Pay is a digital wallet that can store payment information, which allows customers to make purchases with the touch of their devices. Apple Pay has made it easier for people to shop at small businesses because many merchants don’t have credit card terminals. Tropical Smoothie seems like one of those small businesses without a credit card terminal, but does Tropical Smoothie take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

Does Tropical Smoothie Take Apple Pay? No, Tropical Smoothie does not take Apple Pay.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Answer: We’re sorry, we do not currently take Apple Pay.

But don’t worry! You can visit any one of their stores and pay with your debit or credit card – no fuss.

You would have understood, at this point in time it seems like Tropical Smoothie does not offer Apple Pay as a payment option. So we’ll just have to wait until we hear back from them before we know if you can use your iPhone as payment when ordering smoothies at the store.