Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

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We all have that one person on our list that loves shopping at Walmart. Walmart is a household name. They have been around for so long, and their stores are scattered across the United States. One of the most asked questions I get this time of year is “does Walmart take Apple Pay?”. This blog post will answer your questions about Walmart taking Apple pay.. or not! Read more to find out!

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? Yes, Walmart takes Apple Pay.


In fact, Walmart was one of the original supporters of contactless payments in the United States.

That’s because they’re all about going green and eliminating lines at checkout.

One way they do that is by supporting a variety of digital wallets to best suit each customer’s situation. All you need to use your digital wallet is your phone or 34″ in-store tablet so you can pay without even taking out your wallet or pulling up your purse.

So, there you have it. Walmart does not take Apple Pay or Google Wallet for in-store purchases. You won’t need to use the traditional card payment methods of cash and credit cards while shopping at your favorite store! We hope this blog post answered your questions about Walmart and Apple Pay. Thank you for reading our blog today!