Does Walmart Take Google Pay?

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Google Pay is a new way to pay that many stores are beginning to accept. Google’s payment system works by having you link your card information directly into their app. You can then pay for items in different locations using the same account. However, there has been some debate over whether or not Walmart will accept Google Pay as a form of payment.Does Walmart take Google Pay? Read on. We’ll answer all of your questions!

Does Walmart Take Google Pay? No, Walmart does not take Google Pay.

However, they do accept all of the most popular ways to pay including PayPal and Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and Android Pay from a mobile device.

Walmart also offers its own app and accepts Walmart Pay in stores that have contactless pay terminals in common areas, such as the grocery or pharmacy sections.

So the answer is no, as of right now, Walmart does not accept Google Pay. But there’s a good chance that sometime in the near future they will! Keep an eye out for updates from our blog. In the meantime, we have some great tips on how to use your new form of payment with other stores! Check them out!