Does Wawa Take Apple Pay?

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There’s no question that Wawa is a staple in the Delaware Valley. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or want to fill up your tank, Wawa has you covered. But one question that we get asked all the time is whether or not Wawa accepts Apple Pay. Keep reading to find out!

Does Wawa Take Apple Pay? Yes, Wawa takes Apple Pay.


Just look for the contactless payment symbol at checkout and hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the terminal. If you have multiple cards stored in Wallet, you can choose which card to use for the purchase.

Your transaction will be completed as quickly as a normal credit or debit card transaction. You’ll hear a beep and feel a vibration to let you know your payment has gone through.

In addition to Apple Pay, Wawa also accepts other forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, and Wawa gift cards. So whether you’re looking to pay with your iPhone or another form of payment, Wawa has you covered.

To conclude, the answer is Yes! You can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to make a purchase. No need to worry about cash or cards! The next time you’re in the neighborhood and looking for gas, snacks, coffee – anything at all – stop by Wawa and enjoy some of their delicious goodies while paying with your phone. Happy shopping!