Does Bonchon Take Apple Pay?

As a fan of the delicious Korean fried chicken served at Bonchon, I often find myself wondering if they accept Apple Pay. After all, it’s one of the most popular payment methods available today. After doing some research, I can confidently say that yes, Bonchon does take Apple Pay!

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments using their Apple devices. It works with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac devices. The service is accepted at over 4 million stores in the US and more than 40 countries worldwide.

Using Apple Pay at Bonchon is a convenient and secure way to pay for your meals. All you need to do is open the Wallet app on your device, select your card and hold it near the contactless reader at the register. Your payment will be processed quickly and securely without having to enter any additional information or hand over your card. It’s also easy to keep track of your spending since all transactions are recorded in your Wallet app.

One potential drawback of using Apple Pay is that not all stores accept this payment method yet. However, this shouldn’t be an issue when visiting Bonchon as they do accept it as a form of payment. Additionally, if you don’t have an Apple device or just prefer to pay with cash or cards instead then these options are also accepted at Bonchon restaurants.

I recently visited my local Bonchon restaurant with my family and we used Apple Pay to pay for our meal without any issues whatsoever! We were able to pay quickly and securely without having to worry about entering our credit card details into their system or handing over our cards for them to process the payment manually. Another time I was out shopping with my friends when we decided we wanted some fried chicken from Bonchon – luckily they accepted Apple Pay so we were able to get our food without having to worry about carrying cash around with us!

Finally, one of my favorite things about using Apple Pay at Bonchon is that I can get rewards points every time I make a purchase – something which isn’t possible when paying with cash or cards! This makes it even more worthwhile for me as I love getting rewarded for eating delicious Korean fried chicken!

In conclusion, using Apple Pay at Bonchon is a great way to pay for your meals quickly and securely while also taking advantage of rewards points if available! Not only does it save time but it also eliminates the need for carrying around cash or cards which makes it an ideal option when dining out with friends or family.