In today’s fast-paced world, having a variety of payment options is essential for a seamless shopping experience. Whether you’re using Apple PayPayPalCash AppGoogle Pay, or American Express, knowing where these payment methods are accepted can save you time and hassle.

Our comprehensive guide provides detailed information on popular retail locations and the payment methods they accept, from top dining spots like Panera and Buffalo Wild Wings to leading retail giants such as Target and IKEA. Explore the convenience of using your preferred payment method at stores like Trader Joe’sWalgreensPublix, and many more.

Dive into the specifics of each payment option, ensuring you can shop securely and efficiently wherever you go. Whether you’re making purchases online or in-store, this guide will help you navigate your payment choices with ease.

Apple Pay

Discover the convenience of shopping with Apple Pay at a wide range of retail locations. From dining at Panera and Buffalo Wild Wings to shopping at Target and IKEA, Apple Pay makes transactions seamless and secure. Explore how stores like Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, and Publix accept Apple Pay for quick in-store purchases. Enjoy the ease of Apple Pay at your favorite spots, including Little Caesars, Petco, and Jamba Juice, whether you’re paying online or in-person.

Retail LocationPayment MethodLinkAccepted OnlineAccepted In-Store
PaneraApple PayPaneraNoYes
BojanglesApple PayBojanglesNoYes
Buffalo Wild WingsApple PayBuffalo Wild WingsNoYes
BurlingtonApple PayBurlingtonNoYes
Circle KApple PayCircle KNoYes
CookoutApple PayCookoutNoYes
Dairy QueenApple PayDairy QueenNoYes
TargetApple PayTargetYesYes
Joann’sApple PayJoann’sYesYes
VonsApple PayVonsYesYes
Portillo’sApple PayPortillo’sNoYes
WalgreensApple PayWalgreensYesYes
Trader Joe’sApple PayTrader Joe’sNoYes
SubwayApple PaySubwayNoYes
Party CityApple PayParty CityYesYes
Jamba JuiceApple PayJamba JuiceNoYes
WegmansApple PayWegmansNoYes
HomegoodsApple PayHomegoodsNoYes
UltaApple PayUltaYesYes
Old NavyApple PayOld NavyYesYes
UPSApple PayUPSNoYes
Hobby LobbyApple PayHobby LobbyNoYes
Jack in the BoxApple PayJack in the BoxNoYes
Little CaesarsApple PayLittle CaesarsNoYes
PetcoApple PayPetcoYesYes
PublixApple PayPublixNoYes
RalphsApple PayRalphsNoYes
SpeedwayApple PaySpeedwayNoYes
WalmartApple PayWalmartNoYes


Enhance your online shopping experience with PayPal at various top retailers. PayPal is accepted at Game, Supreme, and Macy’s, offering a secure payment method for all your purchases. Whether you’re buying from OnlyFans, Poshmark, or Groupon, PayPal ensures fast and safe transactions. Use PayPal at Footlocker and Sephora, both online and in-store, or pay for your orders at Home Depot and Walmart with the convenience of PayPal.

Retail LocationPayment MethodLinkAccepted OnlineAccepted In-Store
Uber EatsPayPalUber EatsYesNo
Home DepotPayPalHome DepotYesYes

Cash App

Easily manage your transactions with Cash App across different stores and services. Use Cash App to pay for your Domino’s pizza or Uber rides effortlessly. Discover how you can use Cash App at popular retail locations like Walmart and Burger King. Whether you’re paying for Lyft rides, shopping at Square, or ordering from Robinhood, Cash App offers a quick and secure payment solution.

Retail LocationPayment MethodLinkAccepted OnlineAccepted In-Store
UnemploymentCash AppUnemploymentNoYes
Domino’sCash AppDomino’sYesYes
UberCash AppUberYesYes
SquareCash AppSquareYesYes
LyftCash AppLyftYesNo
RobinhoodCash AppRobinhoodYesNo
Western UnionCash AppWestern UnionYesNo
ZelleCash AppZelleYesNo
Dave’s Hot ChickenCash AppDave’s Hot ChickenNoYes
WalmartCash AppWalmartYesNo
Burger KingCash AppBurger KingYesNo
BovadaCash AppBovadaYesNo

Google Pay

Simplify your shopping with Google Pay at numerous retailers. From groceries at Safeway and Kroger to home improvement at Home Depot, Google Pay is widely accepted for a smooth shopping experience. Pay with Google Pay at Walgreens, Taco Bell, and Hobby Lobby for fast and secure transactions. Enjoy the convenience of using Google Pay at Walmart and other favorite stores, whether shopping online or in-person.

Retail LocationPayment MethodLinkAccepted OnlineAccepted In-Store
SafewayGoogle PaySafewayYesYes
Home DepotGoogle PayHome DepotYesYes
WalgreensGoogle PayWalgreensYesYes
KrogerGoogle PayKrogerYesYes
Hobby LobbyGoogle PayHobby LobbyYesYes
Taco BellGoogle PayTaco BellYesYes
WalmartGoogle PayWalmartYesNo

American Express

Shop confidently with American Express at various retail locations. Use your American Express card at McDonald’s, Target, and Lowe’s for both online and in-store purchases. Discover how you can pay with American Express at Portillo’s, Western Union, and Subway, enjoying the security and benefits of this trusted payment method. From IKEA to Party City, American Express is accepted at many popular retailers.

Retail LocationPayment MethodLinkAccepted OnlineAccepted In-Store
McDonald’sAmerican ExpressMcDonald’sYesYes
TargetAmerican ExpressTargetYesYes
Lowe’sAmerican ExpressLowe’sYesYes
Portillo’sAmerican ExpressPortillo’sNoYes
Western UnionAmerican ExpressWestern UnionYesYes
Uber EatsAmerican ExpressUber EatsYesYes
SubwayAmerican ExpressSubwayYesYes
Party CityAmerican ExpressParty CityYesYes
IKEAAmerican ExpressIKEAYesYes
Target OnlineAmerican ExpressTarget OnlineYesNo


Send and receive money effortlessly with Zelle at multiple banks and credit unions. Whether you’re banking with Navy Federal, KeyBank, or Wells Fargo, Zelle provides a fast and secure way to transfer funds. Explore how Zelle is used at Union Bank, US Bank, and Anderson Brothers Bank for seamless transactions. Zelle makes it easy to manage your money with the convenience of instant transfers.

Retail LocationPayment MethodLinkAccepted OnlineAccepted In-Store
Navy FederalZelleNavy FederalYesNo
Wells FargoZelleWells FargoYesNo
Navy Federal Credit UnionZelleNavy Federal Credit UnionYesNo
Union BankZelleUnion BankYesNo
US BankZelleUS BankYesNo
Anderson Brothers BankZelleAnderson Brothers BankYesNo
Chase BankZelleChase BankYesNo
Columbia BankZelleColumbia BankYesNo
Comerica ParkZelleComerica ParkYesNo