Does Instacart Take PayPal?

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Instacart is a grocery delivery service that lets users order food from their favorite stores and have it delivered in as little as an hour. You can pay with credit card, debit card, gift cards- there are even some stores where you can use your Amazon account! But what if you don’t have any of these options? Does Instacart take PayPal? Let’s find out.

Does Instacart Take PayPal? Yes, Instacart takes PayPal.


In fact PayPal is a major payment option for Instacart customers.

You can use your credit card or Paypal account to order through the Instacart site.

If you are worried about using a credit card online, then ordering with PayPal is the way to go.

It turns out that Instacart does take PayPal! This is great news for those who don’t have a credit card or debit card. We hope that we were able to help you find an easy solution for your grocery shopping needs and make choosing a new service easier than ever before!