Does Buffalo Wild Wings Take Apple Pay?

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Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular casual dining restaurant specializing in Buffalo wings and sauces. They’re a beloved franchise that’s been around since the early 80s and has developed into a global phenomenon. But, since it’s so international, does Buffalo Wild Wings take Apple Pay? Check it out here.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Take Apple Pay? Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings takes Apple Pay. Buffalo Wild Wings has recently started to accept Apple Pay for in-store purchases. Customers can now use their iPhones to make a purchase at the restaurant chain. Besides Apple Pay, you can use cash, cards, and gift cards to make purchases at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Take Apple Pay?

In short – yes, Buffalo Wild Wings accepts Apple Pay in their restaurants, on the website, and on the app. You can log into your account, activate your wallet and pay without any worries.

Many online lists haven’t included BWW as a place where you can use Apple Pay, but fortunately, Reddit users discovered this option about two months ago. Since then, it’s become a regular payment option for most customers.

Once the lists get updated, this famous name will be on many of them. Don’t worry, though, because there are several payment methods, even without Apple Pay. You don’t need to be an Apple user to enjoy great food.

Which Payment Methods Does Buffalo Wild Wings Accept?

BWW has included various payment options, both in-store and online. No matter how or where you shop, you’ll likely find a way to pay. As in most restaurants, here you can also use cash, cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, and contactless payments.

Apart From Apple Pay, You Can Use Your Cash and Cards

If you’re a technophobe, you might prefer cash payments. Despite recent modernization and making everything cashless and contactless, it’s still a valid payment method in many businesses, including BWW.

Some places discourage the use of cash but do accept cards. This is currently the most widespread way of paying for services, so you’ll be fine if you go into a BWW with a Mastercard, Visa, or AmEx.

Here’s a chart of accepted payment methods in Buffalo Wild Wings, both online and in-store.

Payment MethodCashMasterCardVisaAmerican ExpressApple PayGoogle PayGift Cards

How Can I Pay For My Online Buffalo Wild Wings Order?

When you go to the Buffalo Wild Wings website to make an order, you’ll be happy to see various payment options available. The most common is entering your card information into a form after choosing a desired meal and sides.

If you pay via the app, you’ll get the “Buy with Apple Pay” button, but the word “apple” is replaced with the world-famous Apple logo. You have to log in, and once your identity has been verified, you’ll be free to make purchases.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a relatively new way of keeping your money online. It’s been around since 2014, but considering contactless payments have only recently started to take over the world, this service has now gained popularity. Users can connect Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards to it.

Apple Pay is a virtual wallet designed for Apple device users. You can also access your virtual wallet on your Apple Watch and see all your funds in one place; this is a great way to keep track of finances and reduce the amount of cash used daily.

Most shops and businesses accept contactless payments nowadays, but Apple Pay may still be too big of a bite for some, potentially due to software limitations. You can find lists of places that accept this payment method online.

If you aren’t online, you can quickly locate a store that accepts Apple Pay by finding the signature Apple logo next to the available payment options.

Where Can I Pay With This Method?

Many lists that cover this topic may not be fully updated. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t on every one of them, but Reddit users have verified that the Apple Pay payment option exists in this popular restaurant.

Here are some fast-food restaurants, besides Buffalo Wild Wings, that use Apple Pay:

  • McDonald’s,
  • KFC,
  • Chili’s,
  • Chick-fil-A,
  • Jamba Juice,
  • Pizza Hut,
  • Subway,
  • Dunkin’ Donuts,
  • Peet’s Coffee,
  • Panera Bread.

You Can Also Use Google Pay, and Their Gift Card Options Online

Some users may also get the G-pay option on the app or website. This is the same as Apple Pay, except created for Android device users. It’s another contactless payment option available in many shops and businesses.

Buffalo Wild Wings also has gift cards that customers use to purchase menu items, both online and in-store. Each customer has a limit of two cards for usage, but even one should be enough to spend on some delicious food.


Hopefully, this has been some good news for you. Apple Pay should be accepted in more stores than it is now since contactless payments became the main payment form over the last two years. The global health crisis has sped up technology and boosted the use of digital purchases.

Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t fall behind. There are multiple ways you can pay for services and meals at this popular restaurant, so you don’t have to worry too much about what to bring and if you have enough cash. Just scan your virtual wallet and enjoy the delicious wings.