Does ARCO Take Apple Pay?

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It seems like everybody is talking about Apple Pay these days. So what’s the deal with this new mobile payment system? Is ARCO taking payments through it? What are some of the benefits of using Apple Pay instead of, say, credit cards or cash?

Does ARCO Take Apple Pay? Yes, ARCO takes Apple Pay. ARCO has been an early adopter of Apple Pay in the United States in order to provide their customers with the best possible in-store experience.


Mobile payments are also much easier for people who do not carry cash, and create a simpler way for customers to buy gas conveniently.

Since there is no physical tap or swipe, mobile payments like Apple Pay offer greater security than transactions made with cards at the point-of-sale.

Consumers can use their fingerprint or Face ID to approve a payment. Mobile payments also eliminate the possibility that a merchant could record your credit card number and create a counterfeit without your knowledge.

ARCO is a great place to stop for gas, snacks and groceries. They also take Apple Pay which means you can pay with your phone or watch in-store if you have the right card loaded on either device.

Have questions about how this works?

Stop by an ARCO station soon and they’ll be happy to show you!