Does Chime Take Zelle?

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Chime is a mobile banking app that allows you to send money, get notifications about your bank account, and more. One question many people wonder is whether or not Chime takes Zelle. They are two different apps with two different purposes so it’s important to know the answer before downloading one of them.

Does Chime Take Zelle? Yes, Chime takes Zelle.


The online bank Chime is a newcomer to the world of money transactions. This service offers an alternative for people who are looking for something different in their banking experience.

The company has partnered with other services like Venmo and Zelle, which allows you to get your money where it needs to go without fees.

Chime is a mobile banking app that allows you to connect with your bank account and send or receive money. It’s also possible to transfer money using Zelle, which makes it easy for people who don’t have an account at the same bank as their recipient.

If this sounds like something you want in your financial life, download Chime today!