Does Bank Of America Take Zelle?

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Zelle is an app that allows you to send and receive money from friends and family for free. You can also use Zelle to pay someone, like a babysitter or dog walker, who doesn’t accept credit cards. Do you ever wonder if Bank of America takes Zelle? Let’s find out!

Does Bank Of America Take Zelle? Yes, Bank of America takes Zelle. Bank of America account holders can use Zelle to send money to one another.

Bank of America

Sending money to a friend or loved one has never been easier than with Zelle. Bank of America is now accepting this service, and it’s very simple.

Just download the app and you can send money instantly, 24/7!

The next time you need to send money, whether it’s for splitting a check or paying your friend back for the movie tickets, take advantage of Bank of America’s Zelle service.

It might not be as easy as sending an email but if you’re looking to save some time and avoid fees on things like international transfers, this is worth checking out.

Who can use Zelle?

Anyone with a Bank of America account!