Does Cash App Take Zelle?

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The most popular way to send money with friends and family is through an app. There are plenty of apps like Cash App out there, but what if you’re looking for one that lets you send Zelle? Does Cash App Take Zelle?

No, Cash App does not take Zelle. Zelle is a service offered by banks and credit card companies, not a person-to-person payment app like Cash App.

Cash App

It’s best to transfer your Zelle balance to the bank via zellepay and then use Cash App for everything else since it doesn’t charge any fees.

It’s a shame, because the service is really great for those who want to transfer money from their bank account to another person or company and don’t have access to cash.

If you’re looking for an alternative that provides similar features without the need of linking your checking account, then we recommend Venmo!

The app has all sorts of cool features like sending payments with emoji stickers and gifs, as well as earning points on every purchase made through it (which can be redeemed later).

You can also split purchases between friends which makes splitting bills easy too.