Does Home Depot Take PayPal?

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Home Depot is a retail store that sells home improvement supplies, appliances and building materials. They also sell furniture and do in-store installations for things like flooring, tile or kitchen countertops. If you’re looking to buy something from Home Depot but don’t have cash on hand, you might want to know if they accept PayPal or not before making your purchase! Does Home Depot take Paypal? In this post, I will answer this question

Does Home Depot Take Paypal? Yes, Home Depot takes PayPal.

Home Depot

Home Depot accept PayPal payments online and in-store. In fact, they have been heavily reliant on the company for over a decade, making it easier than ever to make purchases both online and at store locations.

In 2002 Home Depot was one of the first stores in America to accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards online! That’s a long time ago in Internet terms.

To use PayPal at Home Depot, you need to login to your online account first, and then you can pay at the register by either swiping your credit card or using their PayPal feature.

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