Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay?

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Getting ice cream and delicious food in one of the Dairy Queen locations is a favorite pastime for many Americans. And it’s a chain that has spread throughout 50 states. But what if you forgot to bring your card?

Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay? As of 2022, almost all Dairy Queen locations accept Apple Pay. But since this chain also works as a franchise system, it may happen that some of their restaurants haven’t updated their payment systems yet. If you want to make sure you can use your mobile wallet, you should contact your local Dairy Queen store and make sure they accept it.

This chain restaurant franchise updated its payment systems back in 2010 when contactless paying became more popular. However, if you want to place your order through the app, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay but your card instead. 

Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay

Dairy Queen is that place that is simple yet offers one of the best icecreams out there. And not only that, their restaurants have great hamburgers and other food, too. And while it may seem that they are but a basic hamburger stand, they are on par with modern payment systems.

Since they upgraded their software and hardware to accept contactless payment methods back in 2010, they approved both ParBrink POS and POSitouch systems. And both of these systems support Apple Pay and other mobile payment options. You can use this mobile paying method inside their stores as well as in the drive-thru.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Apple Pay works in a simple way – it connects with your Apple Wallet application to carry out payments while not using your card physically. Besides Samsung Pay and Google Pay, Apple Pay is one of the most popular mobile wallets. They all use the same type of technology – NFC or near-field communication.

The near-field communication technology enables wireless communication of two devices that are compatible and within a short distance from one another. It works similarly to Bluetooth technology, just with a smaller range. The advantage is that, unlike Bluetooth, you don’t have to connect devices manually, as they do so automatically.

How to Add Your Card to Apple Wallet

If you want to use Apple Pay to make all kinds of purchases, including payments for the meals at Dairy Queen, you should add a card (debit or credit) to your Apple Wallet. The app comes preinstalled on the phone, so you won’t have to download it. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Find the app in the app list on your phone and open it.
  • Once it’s open, there is the option of adding a card under a “+” icon.
  • Once you tap the “+” icon, you will get the option to select whether you’re adding a debit or a credit card.
  • Once you select the type of card, the next step will be to add your payment data.
  • For an easier way, you can enter these details by taking a photo of your card with the phone camera.
  • You can also choose to enter the information manually. Just make sure you double-check it.
  • You will be required to enter the card number, security code, and expiration date. The security code is usually located on the backside of the card.

Once you submit all the required data, your bank will need to get authorization to finish the process, and usually, you can do this through the bank’s app. Additionally, you might be asked to provide a verification code.

You Can Also Use Your Apple Watch to Make Purchases

Apple Watch users like all the convenience this device gives them, and you can also use it to pay at Dairy Queen and leave the phone in your pocket. The Watch provides the same Apple Wallet and Apple Pay features as your phone, but you will be required to add your payment cards to the Watch separately. Keep in mind that once you add cards to the Wallet app on your phone, they do not automatically appear on your Watch.

Use the Apple Pay Option to Pay for a Meal at Dairy Queen

While it may sound complicated to use Apple Pay at Dairy Queen, once you’ve added all the required information to your phone’s app, shopping is quite easy. To make the transaction swift, you should open your Apple Wallet app before you get to the terminal. But even if you don’t open it, the phone will do it for you once it gets connected to the payment terminal. Keep in mind that you will be required to use security measures on your phones, such as a passcode or face recognition.

Once the app is open, choose among the cards in the Apple Wallet you want to make payment with. You can then put the phone near the card terminal, and the NFC technology will make the transaction. Note that, sometimes, you may be required to enter the PIN number of your card.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay in Dairy Queen

Apple Wallet and Apple Pay (as well as other mobile payment options) are very convenient ways to shop and pay for meals. Besides convenience, they also come with several other advantages:

  • Security – paying with this mobile app means you are providing the store with encrypted data without giving away the card number.
  • Swiftness – contactless payments are, above all else, quick and easy to use. 
  • You can also avoid touching the terminal, which can be considered a benefit to your health.

In the End, Dairy Queen Has Their Own App With Great Benefits

Whether you don’t have a lot of time to visit Dairy Queen frequently, so you’re asking for swiftness, or perhaps you are a regular customer who would love to receive awards – an app is a great option for you. Dairy Queen has its own app, where you can create an account and immediately receive all the benefits. Additionally, you will receive other benefits once you start placing orders through it.