Does McDonalds Take Samsung Pay?

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It can be difficult to pay for fast food.  You have to carry cash and coins, and you never know if your card will work or not.  Luckily, there are a few places that take Samsung Pay so you do not have to worry about the hassle of carrying around all those cards with you anymore! Is McDonald’s one of them? Does McDonald’s take Samsung Pay? This article contains all the information you need to answer your questions! Keep reading to learn more!

Does McDonald’s Take Samsung Pay? Yes, McDonald’s takes Samsung Pay.


McDonalds is now partnering with Samsung to bring their customers another form of payment, Samsung Pay.

With this new partnership, you will be able to pay for your meal at McDonald’s by placing your phone on the counter and tapping away, rather than having to carry cash or even credit cards!

You would have understood. McDonald’s does accept Samsung Pay as a form of payment to make it easier for you to buy your favorite food items. You can use the app on your phone at any McDonald’s location and pay quickly without having to worry about cash, coins, or cards! The next time you are looking for a quick bite while out running errands, look no further than McDonald’s. Make sure that they take Samsung Pay before you head over though!