Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

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We all have a favorite coffee shop, but not everyone has a credit card that can handle the high prices. What’s the deal with Starbucks and Apple Pay? If, like me, you rely on Starbucks as your go-to coffee destination and are an Apple user, you must have asked yourself, does Starbucks take Apple Pay? I’ve been trying to find out for weeks. Read the rest of this blog post to know more.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay? Yes, Starbucks takes Apple Pay.


You can now pay for your coffee with the touch of your finger!  This is great news for those who are constantly on the go and do not have time to sit down at a Starbucks store, but need to grab some coffee before work or school.  

Simple and easy. Use mobile payments instead of reaching into your pocket every morning!

If you want to use Apple Pay, you just need to open up your Wallet app and hold it near the contactless reader at any participating Starbucks retailer until you hear a ding sound. Your transaction is complete!

There’s nothing better than paying with your phone instead of having to carry around cash or credit card all day long.

You would have understood. If you are an avid user of both Starbucks and Apple products, then rejoice! You can now use your iPhone or other iOS device to pay at any location with a contactless reader. So if you find yourself at one of these stores soon enough and need your caffeine fix ASAP without breaking the bank (or card), just whip your phone out and pay right there using Apple Pay.