Does Xbox Take Apple Pay?

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Since the release of Xbox One in 2013, gamers have been able to use their Microsoft accounts to buy games online. Your account is connected directly to your bank or credit card information and can be used for purchases on Windows phones, tablets, and computers.  But now Apple Pay has entered the market, meaning you can purchase apps through your iPhone without ever having a physical payment method on file with Apple. Does this mean Xbox take Apple Pay? You’ll find out by reading this blogpost.

Does Xbox Take Apple Pay? No, Xbox does not take Apple Pay.

There is currently no way to use Apple Pay on Xbox.

Bear in mind that there are alternatives such as PayPal and Visa Checkout which also accept payments from credit cards. If you’re searching for a way to pay on your Xbox, you can always try one of those options.

In conclusion, Xbox One gamers can’t use Apple Pay to purchase games, but it’s still worth considering.  Apple is always innovating and you never know when they might make something that works for your needs (or Microsoft will get on board!).  So stay tuned!