Does Gamestop Take Apple Pay?

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Apple Pay is a payment system that enables you to pay for your purchases with just your finger. The revolutionary technology allows you to simply place your finger on the home button of an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad and authorize a purchase without having to pull out a credit card. If you’re wondering if Gamestop takes Apple Pay, I’m here to answer all of your questions!

Does Gamestop Take Apple Pay? Yes, Gamestop takes Apple Pay.

Whether you’re walking into that local Gamestop or one of the expansive stores for an entire shopping spree that spans across different games, apps and gadgets, Apple Pay is there to help you make your payments all around with complete security.

There’s really no need for any sort of pesky cards anymore, so bring your phone and enjoy peace of mind on top of finding the game you’ve been looking for all along. Use your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac to make purchases with Apple Pay at any store nationwide where you see the contactless payment symbol.

In many ways this makes Gamestop even more accessible to all customers because they can use cash or card in stores and their device of choice when shopping online.

Remember that if you have an older model iPad without a Touch ID, don’t worry because you can still purchase from your device by adding a nickname for your virtual self on the website and then just using it to pay once there.

Apple Pay is the future of shopping, and Gamestop has embraced it. It’s easy to use and saves you time by not having to reach for your wallet or credit card every time you need something new. I hope that this blog post answered any questions about how Apple Pay works at Gamestop!