Does Menards Take Apple Pay?

There are a lot of people who don’t have access to credit cards, but they still want the convenience of being able to pay for their shopping at checkout with just one tap. Some stores accept mobile payments, but it’s not always clear if they take certain types like Apple Pay. Does Menards take Apple Pay? This blog post will answer your question. Read on!

Does Menards Take Apple Pay? No, Menards does not take Apple Pay.


In the meantime you can use any of these other methods for making a payment:

  • Swipe card at checkout
  • Swipe card at self-check instead of cashier
  • Checks
  • Money order
  • Electronic debit transactions (online transfer, electronic funds transfers or wire).

To conclude, Menards does not take Apple Pay. We hope this blog post has helped narrow down your options so now it’s time to check out all of our other articles about mobile commerce in retail stores!