Does Walmart Take American Express?

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Walmart is the go-to store for many Americans. You can find just about anything you need at Walmart, including American Express cards. But does Walmart actually accept American Express? Keep reading to find out.

Does Walmart Take American Express? Yes, Walmart takes American Express.


In fact, AmEx is one of the most widely accepted credit cards in the world.

This is because American Express has a long history of providing high-quality customer service and offers some of the best benefits and rewards of any credit card company.

So if you’re looking for a card that will be accepted by nearly every merchant out there, American Express is a great option. And with perks like roadside assistance, travel insurance, and purchase protection, it’s hard to beat AmEx’s offerings.

And the answer is yes! Walmart does take American express. Now that you know, why not head over to the nearest Walmart and check out what is on offer if you want to buy things with your Amex card?