Does Lyft Take American Express?

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Lyft is a safe and reliable ride that customers can go to if they need a lift for their daily commute or visiting family at the airport, but what do you use to pay for it? Does Lyft take American Express? If you want to know if this popular ride-sharing app works with your AmEx, read on!

Does Lyft Take American Express? Yes, Lyft takes American Express.


You can pay with your American Express credit card by simply adding it as a payment type before you book your ride.

It’s really simple to do – just tap on the ‘edit card’ button at the bottom of the Lyft app, enter your American Express card number, and add it as a form of payment!

In short, yes! You can safely book rides from within the app using your American Express. As always though, be sure to double check before taking off in an unknown vehicle by checking which payment methods are accepted through the mobile app.