Does Zelle Take PayPal?

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No sooner had PayPal become the dominant player in mobile payments did another app enter the scene to give it a run for its money. Zelle, which is backed by over 30 banks, offers users the ability to send money to others with little hassle. But does this payment platform accept PayPal? Let’s take a look.

Does Zelle Take PayPal? No, Zelle does not take PayPal.


PayPal is a payment processor that allows you to pay for goods or services online. Zelle is a digital payment service that allows you to send and receive money from one person to another without having to share your financial information. To use Zelle, you need to have an account with a bank that’s part of the network.

Zelle is currently available through a number of different banks, and more banks are expected to offer the service in the near future. If you’re looking for a way to send money quickly and easily, Zelle may be the right choice for you. However, if you’re looking for a way to accept payments from customers online, PayPal may be the better option.

We now know the answer to our question. It turns out that Zelle will not be an option for those who wish to send money through PayPal since it does not accept this form of payment. That is unfortunate, as many people may find Zelle more convenient than using a credit or debit card at checkout. Still, there are plenty of other options available if you want to use your phone number and bank account information instead of entering in all your personal details on one site like PayPal. Which app do you prefer? Let us know!