Does Dollar General Take Google Pay?

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If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably found yourself in a tricky situation before. You know that Google Pay is the best way to pay for everything these days, but when you find out that your favorite store doesn’t take it? Well no worries! I’m here to tell you where Dollar General does take Google Pay and how to use it!

Does Dollar General Take Google Pay? Yes, Dollar General currently accepts contactless payment methods, including Google Pay. The service is accepted at all Dollar General Stores that have a NFC chip reader.

Dollar General

You can also pay with either an online purchase or by downloading the app to complete your purchase in the store.

Contactless payments are now available to make quick purchases without having to swipe before you check-out! Download Dollar General’s mobile app onto your phone today; it makes for seamless shopping with one tap technology at checkout!

Google Pay is a convenient and secure way for customers to pay in stores. If you’re wondering if Dollar General accepts it, the answer is yes!

To use google pay at any store that takes debit or credit cards, just add your card information into your phone’s Wallet app and hold the back of your device up to the contactless payment terminal when checking out.

You can even save time by using this method while shopping online–just tap “Buy with Google” on participating websites instead of entering billing details manually.

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