Does Square Take PayPal?

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Square is a payment processing company that lets you make transactions with the tap of your phone. Square offers free card readers to their customers, and they also offer merchant accounts for businesses who need to accept credit cards. If you’re someone who likes to use Square for your business, then you might want to know, does Square take PayPal? Read on if you’re interested in learning more.

Does Square Take PayPal? No, Square does not take PayPal.

Square has its own payment service. They do not take PayPal at this time. But you can use Square with other merchants to accept credit cards through their virtual point-of-sale solution or physical card readers so long as they are within the United States.

Square is an innovative company that provides mobile solutions for accepting credit and debit payments from your customers on the go (i.e., on a phone). This mobile payment service offers small business owners a free card reader and charges 2.75% per swipe on credit cards and 3.5% + $0.15 for debit card payments, plus 30 cents per tap or touch of an NFC chip-enabled device, all without contracts or monthly fees whatsoever.

In conclusion, Square does not take PayPal, but they offer an easy way to get paid through Square. You can accept credit cards or debit card payments by using the free card reader that’s included with your account. That being said, there are plenty of other reliable options out there if Square is not what you’re looking for. Have you used any apps like these? Let us know in the comments!